Dr. Baker’s Philosophy for Optimal Patient Care

Dr. Jeff Baker has used bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for many years, and he has helped numerous patients of all ages regain health and vitality.

Hormones maintain countless functions in the body, and they are responsible for maintaining health and wellness. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are the three main sex hormones, and when they fall out of balance, many aspects of life can be affected.

Hormonal disharmony not only affects physical, mental, and emotional wellness, but it can affect personal relationships as well. Intimate and family relationships can all be affected with hormone decline. Due to some of the physical limitations imposed on sexual function during hormone decline, romantic relationships can suffer and become more distant. Emotional imbalances, such at outbursts of anger, deep depression, or anxiety may strain relationships with children, co-workers, friends, or other family members.

Dr. Baker has worked with women and men with all ranges of disorders and health problems. He personal goal is to help his patients live life to the fullest and experience optimal levels of physical, mental, and emotional health.

After Dr. Baker’s 25 years of practice, he has developed a philosophy that allows him to provide the highest level of care possible to his patients. In order to help his patients maximize treatment results Dr. Baker guides patient care by six important principles.

Dr. Baker’s philosophy for optimal patient care is guided by six general principles:

  • Dr. Baker takes careful assessment of each patient’s story, including the nuances that make it unique from all the others. He has found that no two patients have the same story, and they rarely need the same treatment.
  • Dr. Baker guides his patients in choosing a course of hormone support therapy that is specific and appropriate for them, given their symptoms, history, risk factors, and potential for benefit.
  • Dr. Baker uses bio-identical hormone therapy, meaning hormones with the exact same molecular structure as the hormones the body has always produced.
  • He gives hormone therapy that is balanced and comprehensive, and he uses estrogens that match those normally produced by the ovaries, with progesterone, testosterone, and adrenal support hormones in balanced measure, as appropriate for each patient’s circumstances. When indicated, he addresses thyroid hormone issues as well.
  • Dr. Baker individualizes therapy, using the patients’ clinical response and testing as needed to ensure that they getting enough of what they need, and not too much of “a good thing”.
  • Dr. Baker promotes pro-active, self-educating, and confident self-care attitudes and actions in his patients. As he and his patients work together, he feels that they become, to some degree, ‘their own best doctor’ as they learn to listen carefully to their bodies, learn their therapeutic options, and monitor their responses over time. Although Dr. Baker always gives the best care to his patients, he looks forward to helping each patient gain as much knowledge, confidence, and autonomy possible, in regards to their own healthcare.